NEWS 26.01.23

Prussia Cove is now available from Spotify, iTunes and all other major streaming services. Search for 'Prussia Cove' or 'Holley & Edwards to grab a copy.

NEWS 15.09.21

Thanks to everyone that turned up for our album launch party. We will be publishing bits and pieces from the show shot by our friends, along with some studio footage caught on the in-house cameras. Again, we'd like to thank Mark and Anne Reilly for making Mill Farm Studios available for the event and Tom Jobling for looking after the house PA.

Copies of Prussia Cove are now on sale - drop us an email if you would like a copy and we'll get on it!

NEWS 03.08.21

The date for our album launch party is now confirmed for Friday 10th September at Mill Farm Studios in Bradford Abbas. The fun begins at 7pm and winds up around 9pm. If you're planning to drop in, please let us know. 

NEWS 16.08.21

Our first album 'Prussia Cove' is now available. To reserve a copy, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 CD face 500px




Mill Farm Studios at Bradford Abbas are holding a party on Saturday 24th July from noon until 8pm. Local artists will be performing - for more information, please visit www.millfarmdorset.comMFS logo



Our 2021 album 'Prussia Cove' is currently being finalised at Mill Farm Studios this month. It's looking like the release date will be at some point in July '21 so if anyone is interested in pre-ordering in CD format, please drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll reserve your CD (s) for you.The 10 track album will cost £10.00 including p&p and will be shipped to you directly so long as you provide your postal address! The album will also be available to download from all the major streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple etc.

We've been practising our signatures just in case anyone wants their copy signed and numbered! We plan to produce a limited run of 100 CDs this time round so we'd advise pre-ordering just in case.

Lastly, we are considering whether or not to release on vinyl so it would be good to know how many of you would be interested in this increasingly popular 'old skool' format. Again, please drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. XX


Here is a snippet from Syd's Eclectic Jukebox Show that went out on Tuesday 6th April. Big hugs to Syd and the crew at Abbey 104FM.


Name Play Duration
Take Me Back

5:10 min


Once again, we are indebted to Abbey104FM for playing another of our tracks - 'Empty Walls'. The show Syd's Eclectic Jukebox went out on Tuesday (30th) Big thanks to everyone at Abbey 104, especially top jock Syd Guppy.


We were delighted to be informed yesterday that one of our tracks 'The Road Song' has been selected for airplay by local station Abbey 104 - - our track will go out on Syd's Eclectic Jukebox show next Tuesday (9th March) between 9 - 11pm. Big thanks to everyone at Abbey 104, especially the legendary Syd Guppy.


Well, it may appear that we have been a litle 'unbusy' just lately what with the continuing COVID situation, but in truth, we have been working on new material in our locked-down studios; the result of our labours will be with you very shortly. Stay safe - and we we would like to thank our awesome NHS workers for their professionalism, strength and dedication as we approach the summit of this nightmare. Hopefully by the time we next post here, the disease will be well on the back foot as the vaccination programme gets rolled out.


This lockdown summer has allowed us to concentrate our efforts into some pretty intensive writing, arranging and recording sessions. We are in the process of mastering that material in readiness for general release across a variety of download platforms - we will be posting updates about that at regular intervals right here. Meanwhile, here's a link to our legacy material on Reverbnation 


We are currently working on a full-on rock track at the moment, final recording touches being added before mixdown and mastering phases. Uber fun!


Today was a landmark day for us, with the members of the band meeting up for the first ever rehearsal held at The Swan, Stalbridge. Big thanks to the landlord and landlady for making their room available to us. We have great memories of this particular space; it was here that we first met the late great Huw Lloyd Langton, who did us the honour of jamming with us and chipping in on several live gigs. Here's a photo of us with the original 'space cadet'.

Huw Lloyd Langton guesting with Tutz 3

The rehearsal saw 5 original tracks being worked on, including Take Me Back, By Firelight, Brown Leaves, Empty Walls and Natural High. The new band name was chosen - we are to be trading as 'Coterie'. 



John Goodinson, our graphics guy and all-round superstar has been busy on our behalf, and crafted this awesome video for our our track 'Scratcher'.
See it here -




Abbey Road Studios Our first two professionally mastered tracks, 'By Firelight' and 'Empty Walls' arrived this weekend courtesy of Abbey Road's mastering guru, Oli Morgan, and we're completely chuffed with the outcome. The tracks will be published on Reverbnation and Spotify in due course. Big thanks to Lucy Launder for organising the production process.